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Salaam ey mehriban dostlar! I will talk to you today about 1WIN mobile application. This application is very convenient for fans of Azerbaijani football games. With the 1WIN app, you can watch and bet on live sports anywhere.

Xüsusi müştərilərə qayğı! The Azerbaijani language is fully supported in the 1WIN application. Thus, people who know our language perfectly can use all the functions of the application with ease. In addition to this, we also have Azerbaijani rupee deposit and withdrawal facilities.

Currently, it is possible to bet on football, basketball, tennis, boxing and other sports. You can also use the live betting feature during the game. Favorable odds are offered during all games.

One of the main advantages of 1WIN is the ease of downloading the application. Just download the 1WIN apk file on your smartphone. You can then install the app and get started by entering your login details.

Still hesitating? Then let me list the indispensable advantages of 1WIN:

  • Secure and fast transactions
  • Cost-effective ratios
  • Azerbaijani language support
  • Comprehensive bonus program
  • Fast transfers
  • Wide selection of sports

Don’t delay downloading the 1WIN app to join the best mobile sports betting platform! It is a really great choice for sports lovers. İndi isə hərəkətə keçin və ilk mərclərinizi qoyun!

1WIN apk download for Azerbaijan500% on first deposit for players from AzerbaijanPromo code AVIATOR2099Read ReviewDownload 1WIN apk

How to download 1WIN apk for players from Azerbaijan

Let me explain how you can download 1WIN apk for Azerbaijani players:

Əziz dostlar, I will tell you step by step how to download 1WIN app on Android. Listen and try to understand.

  • First, go to “System Settings” on your smartphone. From there, find the “Security” section. You need to tap on “Allow installation of applications from unknown sources”. Thus, you will be able to download applications to your smartphone over the Internet.
  • Now I go to the main step. You need to download the apk file of 1WIN app on your smartphone. For this, you need to use trusted sites. Then download that file to your smartphone.
  • Once the download is complete, open the file and start installing the application. The process will be completed easily.
  • After opening the app for the first time, update to the latest version. After that you will be ready to play.
  • You need to register when entering the game. After filling in your personal information, you can start betting on games. It is possible to make deposits and withdrawals in Azerbaijani rupees.

In case of difficulty, you can get help from our service representatives in Azerbaijani language. Xoş əyləncələr, azərbaycanlı dostlar!

1WIN apk download for Azerbaijan500% on first deposit for players from AzerbaijanPromo code AVIATOR2099Read ReviewDownload 1WIN apk

How to deposit in 1WIN for players from Azerbaijan

Əziz azərbaycanlı dostlar, qulaq asın necə 1WIN-ə depozit etməli olduğunuzu öyrənək:

  • First, find the login to your 1WIN account. It is like entering a precious castle. Then you will see a dazzling button like the “Deposit” star shining in the sky. This button is like a holy call from heaven.
  • Now it’s time to choose the payment method. 1WIN offers you various methods like credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. These are the most magnificent treasures from all over the world.
  • Dear friends, do not hesitate to exaggerate your wealth a little like the old khans. “I want to deposit 500 manats!” use expressions like Follow each step on the screen carefully. In case of difficulty, ask for immediate help from our representatives who serve in the Azerbaijani language.
  • There are variable minimum deposit amounts. Limits such as 10 manats for credit cards and 5 manats for e-wallets have been set. But don’t worry, these amounts are not much for the rich people from the roots.

Transfer times also vary. In credit cards, the deposit appears immediately, but in e-wallets, sometimes you have to wait a few minutes, sometimes an hour. But remember that everything is safe in 1WIN.

Now let’s take a look at the payment methods:

  • Credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard are the most popular options
  • Debit cards are also a great way to go
  • Electronic wallets such as Skrill, Neteller are a convenient method
  • There are also cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • After completing the deposit, the funds will immediately be deposited into your account. Then you will be able to start playing games and betting.

Haydı, əsil Azərbaycan kişiləri, depozit etməyə hazırsınızmı? Tələsin, sərvət və taleyin xeyir-duası sizi gözləyir!

Visa99 500AZN
MasterCard59 675AZN
Visa Card to Card105 000AZN
MasterCard Card to Card105 000AZN
m10550 000AZN
FK Wallet52 150AZN
Perfect Money517 000AZN
MoneyGo516 990AZN
AstroPay1013 500AZN
Visa SmartPay152 000AZN
MasterCard SmartPay152 000AZN
Bitcoin980 000 000AZN
Ethereum ERC-2066 000 000AZN
TRON151 500 000AZN
Tether ERC-20591 700 000AZN
Tether TRC-20301 700 000AZN
Tether BEP-20591 700 000AZN
BNB - BEP2020715 585AZN
BUSD - BEP2020715 585AZN
BUSD - ERC2020715 585AZN
USDC - ERC2030715 585AZN
USDC - TRC2030715 585AZN
USDC - BEP2030715 585AZN
Litecoin15315 000AZN
Monero15415 000AZN
Bitcoin cash151 000 000AZN
Dash15348 915AZN
Dogecoin151 650 000AZN
Zcash15233 510AZN
Ripple151 840AZN
1WIN apk download for Azerbaijan500% on first deposit for players from AzerbaijanPromo code AVIATOR2099Read ReviewDownload 1WIN apk

How to withdrawing winnings from 1WIN for players from Azerbaijan

Əziz Azərbaycan dostlar, qulaq asın necə 1WIN-dən qazancınızı çəkə bilərsiniz:

  • Log in to your 1WIN account beforehand. It looks like your table.
  • Now find the “Extract” page. This is a holy gate to take home your earnings.
  • Choose which payment method to use. These are how to bring your treasure stone.
  • Specify the amount to withdraw. But don’t exaggerate too much, let the hero be wise.
  • Enter your withdrawal details. These are the words of worship that are required of you.
  • Finally, click the “Exit” button. This will open the gates of heaven to your destiny.

The withdrawal process may take several days depending on the method you choose. But wait patiently.

In general, you can choose these payment methods:

  • Bank transfer: This is the most used method, you will have to wait 1-3 days.
  • E-wallet: Like Skrill or Neteller. It may take 1-2 days.
  • Cryptocurrency: Like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Wait 1-30 minutes.

A minimum of $50 is required to withdraw from 1WIN. The maximum depends on the method you use. Some payments may include a small service charge.

If you have any questions, please contact our Azerbaijani language service representatives.

Additional recommendations:

  • Check your account for a statement.
  • Submit correct information.
  • Be patient, time will pass.


Now let’s talk about other payment methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Electronic wallet
  • Cryptocurrency

Remember that the casino may differ in amounts and payouts. Check the casino terms and conditions carefully before withdrawing.

Xeyir-dua olsun qəhrəman dostlar! Tezliklə qazanc edin ki, ev-eşiyinizə çox pul gətirə biləsiniz!

withdrawal limit
withdrawal limit
Visa Card to Card301 000AZN
MasterCard301 000AZN
m10301 000AZN
Perfect Money3017 000AZN
FK Wallet352 150AZN
Bitcoin6019 550AZN
Ethereum ERC-202519 550AZN
TRON2519 550AZN
Tether ERC-203019 550AZN
Tether TRC-202519 550AZN
Tether BEP-202519 550AZN
BNB - BEP204519 550AZN
BUSD - BEP205019 550AZN
BUSD - ERC205019 550AZN
USDC - ERC205019 550AZN
USDC - TRC205019 550AZN
USDC - BEP204919 550AZN
Litecoin2519 550AZN
Monero5019 550AZN
Bitcoin cash2519 550AZN
Dash2519 550AZN
Dogecoin2519 550AZN
Zcash2519 550AZN
Ripple2519 550AZN
Stellar2519 550AZN
1WIN apk download for Azerbaijan500% on first deposit for players from AzerbaijanPromo code AVIATOR2099Read ReviewDownload 1WIN apk